Flincode Software Solutions is the perfect go-to establishment to gratify your IT needs and optimize the glitches. We work on the ideals of integrity, transparency and efficiency to elevate business processes of our client base.

We are the brand new start up in the IT block that consolidates a large range of services with the aid of latest technologies to offer cutting edge ideas and state of the art concepts to our clients. We commenced our firm in August with fresh new ideas up our sleeve and an enthusiastic team to make it a reality.

We have been working with the singular modus operandi of creating an elite IT solutions niche amongst the manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers based in Chandni Chowk as well as small and medium sized businesses across the country.

Our multifarious services in the digital platform are executed with unhindered professionalism despite being a budding start up in the software solutions division. We work on every project with dedication and a recurring need to cater to every requirement posed by the client. In a field that is synonymous to change and spontaneity, we ensure that we are not just up to date but possess enough know how to put worth and implement our very own original ideas.

Flincode staunchly believes in setting a benchmark and garnering customer satisfaction in spades solely based on stellar services and consistency in every project we undertake. We are determined to become the one stop exclusive solution to all the IT requirements faced by SMEs.

We are GST ready!