Busy Accounting

Flincode is a strong believer in offering the very best to its clients and then some more. This software solutions firm is forever on the pursuit for excellence and works relentlessly towards it with no room for improvement. This efficient establishment is very much new fangled in terms of experience but it makes up in terms of professionalism and expertise. This company doles out transcendent services in every venture they take under their wing. Accounting software that is efficient and all inclusive is vital when it comes to the smooth running of any business entity. Accounting software that specifically caters to small and medium enterprises and includes integrated services that covers all the accounting requirements of such an establishment with adeptness is important.

One such accounting software that Flincode provides its clients is the BUSY accounting software.

Busy Accounting Editions

BUSY is one of the leading accounting service software in our country with over one lakh installations worldwide. What really makes this software tick is the multifarious functionality and the various versions made available that cater specifically to the accounting needs and are resourceful in every single aspect of the services it claims to offer.

There are 3 different editions of this software available namely basic, standard and enterprise that are exigent in each division.

Basic Edition

All Books of Accounts
Multi-Godown inventory
Configurable Invoice Printing
GST Reposts & Returns
PDC Entry & Bank Reconciliation
Sale/Purchase Analysis
MIS Reports
Fully User Defineable rights
Export Reports

Rs 6400 /-

GST Extra

Standard Edition

All Features in Basic Edition

Advance Inventory Management
Manufacturing/Production Features
Scheme Management (FMCG/Retail)
Quotation/Order/Challan Processing
Job Work Management
Multiple Unit of Items
Dashboard (User & Party wise)
Salesman/Broker wise Calculations
Email/SMS of Vouchers & Reports

Rs 12000 /-

GST Extra

Enterprise Edition

All Features in Standard Edition

Web Based Reporting
Payroll Management
Head Office - Branch Sync
User Activity Log
Message Center
Alerts/Triggers to Management
Voucher / Master Approval & rejection
Enquiry & Support Management
SMS / Email Query

Rs 17600 /-

GST Extra

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